Energy Healing Program

Is a monthly series of energy treatments that consists of four, hour-long sessions. One session each week of the program.

The energy treatment cycle is a group program. This means that it benefits many people at once.

How does it work?

If you are new to energy healing you need to know, that we have multiple bodies and only one of them is visible to us with our human eyes. That is the physical body and everything is very solid on the physical plane. Yet, also the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies exist and they are colloquially called the aura or the subtle bodies. We cannot physically touch them or hold them in our hand. But when our physical body starts to get sick it means, that there has been a unhealthy change in our subtle bodies.

Eg. If we suppress emotions it is likely that we have stomach problems. – emotional body. If there is a logical conflict in our mind and behaviour patterns, it’s likely that we experience migraines – mental body. So, there is a stuck energy in our system that cannot go out and all of these causes have their source in the last few spiritual bodies that manage our belief system and connection to the spirit and love.

Energy Treatment aims to work at all of your subtle bodies and helps this energy to find the exit. It is capable to cleanse your subtle energy channels (nadis/meridians) and change the base of your belief system that ultimately runs your life.

It also aims to reconnect you to your true and health self by aligning all of your bodies with the Divine Will that lives in each one of us. In each one of is there is an imprint of what it looks like to be health and it knows what serves us and what does not. By receiving an energy treatment we open up of this channel to grow and for this imprint to be activated.

Same as we take care of our physical body, we can take care of our energy bodies and keep them in a good and healthy shape.

You also need to know that energy treatment can take place at distance and that there is no difference for the energy in time and space that it travels to. This is also how the Energy Healing Program works and that brings us to the next point.

Group Session

The gift of healing came to me many years ago, and with practice I discovered that I could share it with many people at the same time, many questions arose because of this, both in the people benefiting from my sessions and in myself.

For example, if many people use it at the same time, won’t this energy be “diluted” and will there be enough for everyone?

Well, yes. There will be enough. One of the most fascinating phenomena I’ve encountered in working with energy is precisely that energy doesn’t decrease, but multiplies. It creates a healing field, where everyone get what is needed. This is a phenomenon that completely contradicts our mentality of lack, and invites us to be in the state of abundance, that is all around us.

I have discovered that in many cases it makes no difference to me how many people I serve at once during a treatment. My role is to let that energy flow through to you and let it reach the destination. In a word, I serve as a channel and let the energy work.

Is this program for me? What are the benefits?

Even a single session of energy healing is capable of significantly improving one’s health and well-being. The energy works at many levels, from spiritual to the physical. The main benefits of such sessions are letting go of old patterns, healing relationships, connecting with the heart and soul, getting back on the right path. This happens at the spiritual dimension. And consequently, when this happens, our body follows this change. Following the principle of “So below, as above”, our body is a reflection of what’s going on inside, in the spiritual realm, so if we’re afflicted with bodily diseases, something is certainly ailing our soul. These treatments help to remove the blockages and restore body and soul to a state of well-being and harmony.

So if one session is able to do all of this, what is a whole cycle able to do?

This series of treatments is created precisely for this purpose; to get to the deeper layers and deeper-rooted causes and to reach the core of the illness with each subsequent session.

The energy is intelligent and always goes to the places where it’s needed the most. In this cycle of treatments you are supported in letting go of physical, emotional, energetic, karmic, ancestral patterns and energy imbalances. Through these treatments you will be reconnected back to your Divine Essence and effortlessly return to a sense of wholeness and integrity.

The energy works on many levels and it helps to


  • Strengthen the vitaly and wellbeing
  • Relieve from pain and tensions
  • Relax the mind & Body
  • Alleviate states of anxiety and depression
  • Improve productivity & creativity
  • Deal with insomnia & stress
  • Boost immune system
  • Sooth nervous system
  • Balance emotions
  • Heal many other ailments by balancing our energy system


  • Heal relations between people for their highest good
  • Heal misguided belief system and connects to universal love
  • Heal past and prenatal trauma
  • Heal from toxic relations & circumstances
  • Untie Karmic Knots – past life karma
  • Cleanse Ancestral Karma
  • Connect to the Higher Self
  • Align Individual will with the divine will

What method do you use?

I use the gift I received from the Source in my youth during a spiritual practice of Latihan. From that moment I knew I can pass this healing energy on and pass it onto others. In my journey through life, I have explored various systems of energy healing. Reiki, in which I have obtained a teacher degree, is the closest for me. Although giving a treatment I still follow my intuition and guidance and not a system.

I have been giving energy treatments for over 15 years and I use the universal energy. The life force. The energy of Source. God. Love. It’s the energy of unity, no matter how many name we give to it.

If you decide to join this program, you will open yourself up to letting go of many long-held patterns and ailments. What’s more, the continuity of energy work will help solidify these changes to take hold in your life for good.

You can enter the whole process with your intention, which you can send to me when you join.

I believe this is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your health, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

Treatments take place every Thursday at 8:30 pm GMT+1 for 4 weeks after you register to the program.

During the treatment you can lay down and relax, listen to music or meditate in silence. It is your choice. For everyone I recommend to create a cosy environment where you can relax. Although, If there is a time when it’s not possible, then it’s okay to do other things and take care of duties that need to be done. The session will still be effective, but your perception of it will be certainly different.

Additionally you may add anyone from your household who lives with you, including pets, to the program for an additional €50 and by selecting the Family Program.

If you have any questions please use the contact form here.

If you’re not sure if this program is for you, you can join a free treatment, which takes place once a month, by signing up for the newsletter at the main page.

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