Energy & Shamanic Treatments

Energy treatments are a form of healing the body and spirit, balancing the emotions and the whole being of the human being as such.

It is a deeply healing, relaxing and cleansing experience.

It will cleanse you of negative energies, revitalise your body and open you up for the New to come.

The energy I work with is the energy of Life coming straight from the Source, it has a powerful transformational and cleansing power. It help is heal and it helps to grow.

Shamanic treatments, on the other hand, can be an intense experience of working with different energies and releasing those that are not necessarily friendly for us.

It can be a release from entities, ancestors, relationships, cleansing or a detachment from black magic.

  • Healing the body and soul, removing illness from the body.
  • Removing charms, malicious intentions.
  • Creating protective barriers, for people and spaces.
  • Blessing for individuals, businesses, projects, places.
  • Healing of the Earth, homes, places, removing malicious entities and energies.
  • The human being as an energetic being is cleansed of negative energies on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes and their energy is restored to balance.
  • There is a possibility to work with previous incarnations & negative karma.
  • Healing of traumas, negative personal and family patterns
  • Working with selected aspects of life

Health, illness, vitality

  • Love, relations and relationships
  • Work, finances and material aspects
  • Stress, insomnia, negative emotions
  • Possibility to direct the session into any need intention for the highest good

Energy Sessions

As I mainly use intuition in my work, these two methods are often intertwined depending on needs and condition of the person that comes to me.

All of my work is designed to support you in the moment you are in.

To help you heal and grow and go to the next stage of your life.

Each session is individual and tailored to your needs and your current state and your perception of it can vary significantly.

Before or at the beginning of the session, I conduct an interview to identify your needs and area of work.

I work only with very few personal cases and for most cases I would strongly recommend joining a Healing Program here