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Tantric Massage encompasses the whole human being, with everything one comes with, his entire body, mind and spirit.

In tantric massage, every aspect of humanity is sacred, including sexuality. Therefore, such massage, may or may not also include intimate places – Yoni – the vagina and Lingam – the penis. As the only path I know, tantra fully embraces every aspect of humanity, including sexuality. And tantric massage is a holistic massage, meaning it treats the human being as a whole. A complete being in all its aspects. During the massage/session we work on all available levels, which is why this path is so effective and profound.

They consist of levels:

Physical – relieves the body of tension

Emotional – releases emotions accumulated in the body

Mental – releases traumas accumulated in the victim’s mind and consciousness

Energetic – frees us from misconceptions and patterns that create our lives

Spiritual – reconnects you to your inner source and inner truth

In tantra, we use sexual energy for spiritual development.

What does it mean?

That is, by awakening sexual energy, through tantric practices, we use it to develop consciousness and self-knowledge. That is, we raise it from the level of duality (genitals – at this level we have male and female) to the non-dual level (crown – oneness). Along the way, this energy awakens other areas of our body, healing them and awakening them to life. Therefore, tantra is the path on which we learn to transform sexual energy.

Each session includes learning of these techniques, and each subsequent session builds on the experience already gained so we can move forward.

Therefore, massage initiates to Consciousness, Embodied Divinity, Fullness and Power. Awakening the higher self and getting rid of guilt and shame.

It is a spiritual journey into the inner being and getting in touch with our inner wisdom. The body is the portal that we work with and through which we go through. By contacting the body we go deeper through the layers from the physical to the spiritual.

Therefore, in tantra, or intimate places, as well as the whole body, are the gateway to connect with one’s Consciousness, Spiritual Power, Higher Self and Inner Truth. Often these are also the most commonly unaccepted and ashamed areas. This is why working with them and the areas of life they are connected to is so valuable and transformative.

The ritual tantric Yoni or Lingam massage aims to restore connection to one’s sexuality, intimacy and truth. To awaken the energy within them to circulate freely.

These are our base values, the foundation of our being, and without acceptance of these areas, we will not be able to live as who we are and be on the right path, nor enjoy life. This is the aspect of the first chakra – sexuality, anger, shame, fear. Permission to live.

When we are afraid, intimacy is not possible.

When we are ashamed of who we are, we will never be ourselves.

When we suppress our anger, we will not take care of our boundaries, and others will cross them.

If we do not accept sexuality then our energy will not be able to flow.

Tantric massage also initiates into bliss and pleasure, one could say that it is, on some level, therapy through pleasure, so that we can start getting the best out of life. To release what is not needed and , so that we can begin to live life to the fullest and feel at home in our bodies. So that we can begin to treat ourselves as our best friends and partners, and from that place – a sense of security, of trust – begin to go out into the World.

Tantric massage awakens us to life, as does all tantra. To a life of wholeness, inner abundance and acceptance. It teaches love and self-respect.

Before the appointment, we discuss the intention of the massage, the scope of the session and your needs and select the type of massage that will best meet them.

Duration 3h

Price: 900 PLN

Fear and resistance before a session

A phenomenon I often observe and hear about from you when you come to me is fear and resistance to the session. Why does this happen?

“I wanted/needed to come to you a long time ago, but I was afraid”.

Of the many healing methods and therapeutic tools, tantra is one of the most powerful, complete and also the most effective methods I came across. The upshot is that it is often possible, in a single session, to liberate ourselves from an afflicting problem, that may have been making our lives miserable for years. The effect is that our mind and our defence mechanisms, often unconsciously try to dissuade us from a session. They enjoy the status quo. When the opportunity to change so quickly and effectively arises, they start sounding the alarm and start to resist. They create stories and circumstances that dissuade us from this change, and we continue to be stuck in the same place and thus nurture our old beliefs.

I claim here that this path is for everyone, because everyone has their own path and each soul knows what is good for them. But I know from experience that it’s worth looking at your fear and emotions to see what’s behind them.

Sexuality Healing, Dearmouring and Mapping intimate areas are methods of healing and working with trauma through the body.

It leads to the release of energetical, mental, physical and emotional blockages. Traumas, abuses, patterns deeply rooted in our bodies, including the prenatal period.

Dearmouring can be effectively used on all areas of the body: neck, back, pelvis

In practice of sexuality healing it includes the intimate areas. In each session I incorporate the gift of energy healing into my practice, which enhances the dearmouring/mapping of intimate places and the outcome of a session. Dearmouring is a therapy through the body and helps to release a story from a place that it’s stored.

Dearmouring helps with:

  • lack of feeling pleasure, lack of excitement, lack of orgasm
  • lack of sensation in intimate areas
  • low/high libido
  • premature ejaculation, lack of erection
  • pain during the intercourse
  • inability to have an intercourse
  • The feeling of being blocked, frozen, not ready for Life
  • Experiences of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, sexual violence
  • letting go of grief, guilt, fear, difficult emotions
  • depression, lack of will to live
  • A sense of loss, after a relationship, or lost pregnancy
  • Hospital trauma, anesthesia, surgery, birth-giving, abortion, cesarean section
  • Releasing unconscious patterns from the body and subconscious that block us from Living in Fullness.

Duration 3h

Price 900 PLN